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Non-Surgical Face-lift
Dental Exam

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Verified Providers, Fixed Pricing

0 Hidden Fees. No Surprises. Just Treatment.

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About Us

We provide exclusive discounts for patients who prefer to pay out-of-pocket. We offer quality D2C healthcare that is cost-conscience, and more importantly, simple. Healthcare transactions are now as straightforward as purchasing your morning cup of Joe.
We negotiate directly with verified medical providers
This eliminates the opportunity for insurance companies to inflate prices
Then we pass on those savings directly to you

Verified Providers, Fixed Pricing

0 Hidden Fees. No Surprises. Just Treatment.

No More Hidden Fees

This made going in for a dental appointment feel like I was buying a new pair of shoes. So easy and straightforward.

So Simple!

Impressed with the clear communication and honesty about pricing. I love that all the providers have been thoroughly vetted to make sure they all have degrees to practice. Just wish they had more locations closer to me.

Oddly Desirable Services

It's just so refreshing. It's literally like a buffet of healthcare services that I’d actually WANT to book!

Transparency at Every Step

I've never experienced such transparency in healthcare before. Every step of my treatment was explained in detail, and I was always kept in the loop about costs. It's refreshing to finally feel like I understand my healthcare.

No Surprises, Just Great Care

This company sets a new standard for healthcare. No hidden fees, no surprises, just honest and upfront communication. Highly recommend to anyone tired of the usual healthcare runaround.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Do I have to pay online or can I pay at the doctors office?

At this time, all payments for services must be made at the doctors office. Payment forms include debit/credit cards and checks.

Is my medical information safe?

PeechPay does not collect any sensitive medical information. All required data necessary to book your appointment will be captured by your selected medical provider.

Does PeechPay accept my insurance?

PeechPay does not accept insurance. The deals listed on the marketplace are solely for patients paying using debit/credit and or check.

Who is PeechPay for?

Everyone! Insured or Not, PeechPay offers competitive pricing for a myriad of services all at your fingertips.

Are all of your medical providers certified?

All of the Providers on PeechPay are Verified Medical Providers. It is imperative that you receive the highest quality of care by professionals who are experts in their industry.

Can I schedule appointments directly through your platform?

PeechPay will navigate you directly to the partnering providers booking page. Here you will be able to book a time that works for you!